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  • Alphonso Mango Pulp copy-min
    Alphonso Mango is a rich source of Iron. Mangoes contain phenolic compounds, which are rich in anti-oxidants, which help in fighting cancer. Mango is a rich source […]
  • BABY CORN 400G copy-min
    Baby corn is produced from regular corn plants which are harvested early while the ears are very immature, resulting in small ears or baby corn. It […]
  • Baby Okra 400 copy-min
    Okra, also known as “lady finger” and bhindi , is one of the popular nutritious vegetables of North-Eastern Africa and south Asia. The pods are among […]
  • Baked Beans with tomato sauce 450g copy-min
    Baked Beans with Tomato Sauce is a dish containing baked beans, usually stewed in a sauce. Most commercially canned baked beans are made from haricot beans, also known as navy beans – a variety of Phaseolus vulgaris in […]
  • BITTER GOURD SLICES 400 G copy-min
    Bitter gourd often called bitter melon, or bitter squash in English, has many other local names sucha as karavella from Sanskrit. The vegetable is very low […]
  • Black Beans 425g copy-min
    Black beans as a strong contender in phytonutrient benefits. The seed coat of the black bean (the outermost part that we recognize as the bean’s surface) […]
  • BLACK EYE BEANS 425 G copy-min
    The black-eyed pea or black-eyed bean, a legume, is a subspecies of the cowpea, grown around the world for its medium-sized, edible bean. The common commercial […]
  • CHICK PEAS 425 G copy-min
    Chickpeas are one of the earliest cultivated legumes: 7,500-year-old remains have been found in the Middle East. Other common names for the species include garbanzo bean, […]
  • Cream Style Corn 450g INDIA copy-min
    Cream Style Corn is a soup or sauce made by pulping corn kernels and collecting the milky residue from the corn. It is a common part of Midwestern and Southern American […]
  • Chhole Chana 450 copy-min
    Chhole also known as chana masala or channay or Chholay is a popular dish in Indian and Pakistani cuisine. The main ingredient is chickpeas. Chholay is […]
  • Patra 400g copy-min
    Patra is sure to take your taste buds on a roller coaster ride! it is vegetable dish specially famous in Gujarat and Maharashtra.  it is sweet, […]
  • Curried Red Kidney Beans -2 450 copy-min
    Curried Rajma (Curried Red Kidney Bean) is a popular Indian vegetarian dish consisting of red kidney beans in a thick gravy with many Indian whole spices […]
  • Dal Makhni 450g copy-min
    Dal makhani or dal makhani (“Buttery Lentil”) is a popular dish originating from the Punjab region of the Indian Subcontinent. Dal Makhni Contains whole black lentils, Red kidney beans, Tomato, Onion, Water, green […]
  • FAVA BEANS 425 G copy-min
    Fava beans also known as the broad beans. Fava beans are very low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. It is also a good source of […]
  • Garlic is common ingredient in every kitchen, in the ancient time, it was highly valued for its numerous health benefiting properties, which are still followed in […]
  • Commonly used in Indian cuisine, Ginger and garlic combination is nature’s most powerful healers. Apart from imparting an amazing flavor to your food, ginger garlic paste […]
  • Ginger has many different uses & applications. Ginger has a peppery warm and slightly sweet taste as well as strong aroma, it has been popular for […]
  • GREEN PEAS 425 G copy-min
    The Green pea is most commonly the small spherical seed or the seed-pod of the pod fruit Pisum sativum. Each pod contains several peas. Green Peas […]
  • Kesar Mango Pulp 450 copy-min
    “The king of the fruits”, mango fruit is one of the most popular, nutritionally rich fruits with unique flavour, fragrance, taste, and health-promoting qualities. Mango fruit […]
  • Navy Beans 425 copy-min
    Navy beans’ contribution to heart health lies not just in their fibre but in the significant amounts of folate and magnesium these beans supply. Folate helps lower levels […]
  • Pav Bhaji 450 copy-min
    Pav bhaji is a fast food dish from Maharashtra, India, consisting of a vegetable curry served with a soft bread roll. The dish originated in the […]
  • Pinto Beans 425 copy-min
    Pinto beans are a very good source of cholesterol-lowering fibre, as are most other beans. In addition to lowering cholesterol, pinto beans’ high fibre content prevents […]
  • RKB 425 G copy-min
    The kidney bean is a variety of common bean. It is named for its visual resemblance in shape and colour like a kidney. It Protects  Against […]
  • Sweet corn 400g copy-min
    Sweet corn is a special maize variety in which its tender, delicious kernels eats as a vegetable. Corn’s native is Central American region, which later introduced […]
  • Tomato Puree 450g copy-min
    Tomato purée is a thick liquid made by cooking and straining. Tomato puree has a thicker consistency and a deeper flavour than sauce. Tomato purée has […]
  • White Kidney beans 425 copy-min
    The kidney bean is a variety of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris). It is named for its visual resemblance in shape and colour to a kidney. Protection […]
  • Whole Peeled Tomatoes in tomato juice 400 g copy-min
    Whole Peeled Tomatoes are excellent in slow cooked or stewed dishes because the longer cooking time brings out more flavour without reducing the tomatoes to a […]
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